This blog follows our school work on an eTwinning project called Job Worth Doing. The project intends to make our pupils think about their future careers. There are three schools involved, two from the Czech Republic and one from France. After getting to know each other, our pupils will take part in communicative activities which will induce them to discover various jobs, improve their English skills and… have fun!


Song rehearsal

Singing is not the strongest part of the Moravian class but we had fun!


The best logo! :-)

The best logo was created by girls from France. Congratulation! :-)


Comic touch

Everybody is busy with preparing a song about a chosen occupation. However, pupils in Bohemia find some time to have a comic fun! :-) Their teacher found a few empty comic strips and gave them to the pupils to fill them up! Who knows how the comic strips will look like when we create them all by ourselves soon!


QUIZ - Verca was the best! :-)

The points were counted and the winner of an eTwinning T-shirt is Veronika! Congratulation! Aneta was the second, then Patrik, Renata, Jana and Sabina.


Quiz about our project

Pupils from Uherské Hradiště were ready for a quiz about the project but the computers were too slow. It was decided to fill in the questions online from home. Who is going to have the most correct answers?