This blog follows our school work on an eTwinning project called Job Worth Doing. The project intends to make our pupils think about their future careers. There are three schools involved, two from the Czech Republic and one from France. After getting to know each other, our pupils will take part in communicative activities which will induce them to discover various jobs, improve their English skills and… have fun!


Video from Moravia

The last task of our project is making a video. Each school gives the other schools the setting of the video and write who are two main characters of the video and what kind of people they are.

Bohemian school suggested:
1) The video should take place at the supermarket
2) There should appear a nervous shop assistant and an indecisive customer

We decided to make one video where all the pupils will play.

Enjoy! :-)


Comic from Bohemia

Pupils from Moravia filled in the bubbles in the comic from Bohemia..


Working on a Comic!

Another task for our eTwinning project was a comic! Each school makes a comic and sends it to the other schools to fill in the bubbles. In our school the pupils wanted to make
small groups and each group to work on its own comic. In the end we had four fantasic comics! Well done!!
Here are some parts of the comics. The pupils are just hilarious!

One group made a funny comic about homeless...
... the other group about a powerful drink that helped one weak guy to become strong.
.. and who is the robber? Is that a girl or a boy? Very funny comic about one robbery.
And the last comic about a policeman who fell in love!