This blog follows our school work on an eTwinning project called Job Worth Doing. The project intends to make our pupils think about their future careers. There are three schools involved, two from the Czech Republic and one from France. After getting to know each other, our pupils will take part in communicative activities which will induce them to discover various jobs, improve their English skills and… have fun!


Interview in a magazine!

We were writing an imaginary interview one lesson...

- Hello Ondra, how are you?
- I´m fine, thank you. I enjoy the fame.
- Are you playing in a song video now?
- Yes!
- What´s the name of the song?
- Its name is Programmer Tommy is in love.
- Are you going to release a CD?
- I´m going to release many CDs!
- Are you a better singer or actor?
- Hmm, I don´t know. I love doing both jobs.
- Have you got many fans?
- Yes!
- You are famous! Do you like it?
- Hmm.. I don´t mind it.
- Have you got a further offer?
- Yes, I´m going to play in a comic!
- OK. Thank you for the interview.

Interviewed by Barbora and Jana


Programmer Tommy is in Love

In a video task each school suggested 3 words that we all should use in a song. The song should be about a chosen job. The Moravia chose a Programmer and started to rehearse. It took us a lot of lessons to write the song and make a video but at the end we are very satisfied with our video! :-)

The words all schools used in their songs were: flowers, sleep, time, blue, computer, friends, sun, quickly, mouse

And here you can see our lyrics:

Programmer Tommy is in Love

Tommy and his computer were lovers
He wanted to give it everything
Blue flowers, friends,
And most of all a golden mouse!

His boss told him to do some job
It must be done very quickly and right
But Tommy couldn´t start his PC
So he had to switch a different comp

Tell my PC I love it
Tell my PC I need it
Tell my PC its my the only date
But I´ve something to do that cannot wait

He went to do the important job
But he was there on a different comp
Everything different as he started to work
Around the comp they were and nothing worked

No one knows what´s going on
Why nothing works and no sun is in the sky
But Tommy knows his comp is the best
With his hand on his heart they hear Tommy say

Tell my PC I love it
Tell my PC I need it
Tell my PC not to cry
My love for it will never die

Now in the office where Tommy sleeps and works
His boss shouts at him and he is out of his mind
Where is your work why it´s not done on time
Then alone in the toilet they can hear him cry

Tell my PC I love it
Tell my PC I need it
Tell my PC its my the only date
But I had something to do that couldn´t wait



Meeting in Ostrozska Lhota

At the weekend Marci from Bohemia met Marci from Moravia. We met in the native village of Marci from Bohemia - Ostrazska Lhota. The day was beautiful but veeery windy. While sitting in a cozy cafe we shared our experience with working on the project, how we were shooting the song video and what is still waiting for us.


Video shooting in Moravia

I think nobody will ever forget this video shooting... ;-) Thanks to all of the pupils for the great time while making the video!