This blog follows our school work on an eTwinning project called Job Worth Doing. The project intends to make our pupils think about their future careers. There are three schools involved, two from the Czech Republic and one from France. After getting to know each other, our pupils will take part in communicative activities which will induce them to discover various jobs, improve their English skills and… have fun!


Interview in a magazine!

We were writing an imaginary interview one lesson...

- Hello Ondra, how are you?
- I´m fine, thank you. I enjoy the fame.
- Are you playing in a song video now?
- Yes!
- What´s the name of the song?
- Its name is Programmer Tommy is in love.
- Are you going to release a CD?
- I´m going to release many CDs!
- Are you a better singer or actor?
- Hmm, I don´t know. I love doing both jobs.
- Have you got many fans?
- Yes!
- You are famous! Do you like it?
- Hmm.. I don´t mind it.
- Have you got a further offer?
- Yes, I´m going to play in a comic!
- OK. Thank you for the interview.

Interviewed by Barbora and Jana

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